Maple Flame Curly Guitar Carve top CT3A101

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3A Top Grade

3A figure

Billet sets have consistent figure in the length of the template and reasonably strong figure across the entire template. 

The filled template intensity can be slightly less on the outer extremes of the edges.

The figure must be equally present on both halves.  The face should be free of color variations except 3/8” heartwood is allowed in the outer edge of the lower bout. 

Material defects may show in the piece outside of the bout areas but the finished guitar should not contain any defects.


Each half sized to the dimensions of:

Thickness  .750" - 1.125"

Widths       7 5/8"+

Lengths     19" to 21"

You will NOT get the one pictured.  The pictures are to show the range of quality that you will get when you order from us for this product. 

The quality you get will be consistent with these pictures.  The piece you get will be jointed/planed on one face or more.