Mandolin Back, Side, and Neck set Maple, Curly Flame (M102mandolinBSNsetNatural) B-1x5.625x16,S-.170x2x32,N-2x2.5x18

M102mandolinBSNsetNatural B-1X5.625X16 S-.170x2x32 N-2x2.5x18
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Mandolin Back, Side, and Neck Sets

Exhibition Flame, Curly natural

Back size 1" x 5.625" x 16"

Side size .170" x 2" x 32"

Neck size 2" x 2.500" x 18"

This is a stock item and you will not get the exact piece in the picture.

We have roasted available, and custom sizes available also.  Just give us the sizes and we will quote it to you.

You can also purchase just backs, just sides, or just necks if you wish.